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About Las Vegas Restaurant Cleaning

We’ve been in business for many years setting up restaurant owners and managers with the best kitchen maintenance plans. Headquartered in the heart of Vegas, we’ve cleaned countless restaurants, bistros, cafes, and buffets. You name it, we’ve cleaned it. We take pride in our company being able to properly clean and keep many restaurants looking immaculate.

We like to differentiate ourselves from other cleaning companies by conducting full investigations through your kitchen and figuring out what we can do to in order to consistently keep your kitchen clean. We bring to your facility the best services and products to do that. It’s our strongest desire to keep your workplace safe, cleaner than ever, and also organized for maximum efficiency. With our customized tailored plans, you won’t need to ever worry about passing an inspection again.

Our cleaning technicians are certified to handle all equipment and are properly trained to gently clean your kitchen & appliances as per fire, health and food codes. Our inspections will figure out why certain parts of your kitchen don’t stay clean and what we can do to solve that.

When we started our company, we wanted to promise ourselves that our company will not leave a kitchen until the owner, manager, and staff is fully satisfied with their newly cleaned kitchen. We have systems and processes each and every member goes through that train them to a high degree of cleanliness as well as professionalism and courtesy for our clients. When you meet a team leader, you’ll know what kind of professionalism we’re talking about.

How Did We Begin?

Our owner, Frederico, began cleaning restaurants at a young age when he began working with a cleaning company out in Los Angeles. He traveled frequently between L.A. and Vegas because of his split household and having to alternate between visiting his mother and father.

He got hired at a local cleaning company in L.A. which is where he gained all of his experience. He’s entrepreneurial, ambitious, and a go-getter when an opportunity arises in front of him. He worked with the same cleaning company throughout college in L.A. and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He always knew that he wanted to own a company one day and he also knew that he was passionate about helping other businesses.

That’s where it all began for Las Vegas Restaurant Cleaning. After college, he moved back to Vegas and decided to open his restaurant cleaning business and wanted to expand it to help as many restaurants as he can.

We as a company haven’t slowed down since we opened and don’t plan to. Restaurants In Vegas deserve to have their kitchen areas clean and looking presentable at all times. Let us keep you from struggling to do that.

We certainly hope that we can do a FREE walk-through and estimate for your business, please feel free to reach out and ask questions. We’ll show you why we’re the top restaurant cleaning company in Vegas.

Get on a call with us at (702) 930-8084.

About Las Vegas Restaurant Cleaning

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