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Las Vegas Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurant customers judge aesthetics of restaurants, plain and simple. In a place like Las Vegas, where impressions and looks matter, you have to compete to keep your restaurant and building clean. There is a reason why people like to go to the casinos on the strip, they all look great!

The best thing you can do is to constantly keep on top of the cleanliness of your restaurant. Employees usually have side work or secondary jobs, but keeping an area clean usually isn’t the primary role.

Las Vegas Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning provides these types of services where your employees can stay calm and at ease when it comes to cleaning. We handle full cleaning services for your restaurant as well as for cafeterias, buffets, full-service restaurants, and more.

Our cleaning & maintenance programs will give you:

  • A kitchen rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • A kitchen that is organized so employees can move efficiently throughout the area
  • A competitive price and service you won’t find anywhere else
  • A service that will not let you violate any health & food codes

We offer all of this to you if you like our free walk-through where we advise you on what needs to be kept clean for inspectors not to penalize you. We also like to educate on best cleaning practices that are efficient and have worked for us throughout the years.

Our cleaning process has saved many businesses and has kept their management stress free all for a price that they can afford for restaurant kitchen cleaning. Prices depend on certain factors such as:

  • Size of restaurant kitchen
  • Level of how dirty or clean the kitchen is upon arrival
  • Time
  • Scope of cleaning project(What is it that you want clean or full service)

When we work with a new restaurant, we have an onboarding plan and checklist for the manager to keep to give them an insight into how we do business. We have daily, weekly, and monthly services each with checklists on certain areas to hit. Those are standard checkpoints, but for each restaurant, there are certain areas that we think will be targeted the most. We tend to highlight those and inform the manager that we’re working with of our process. Our crew team leaders are all trained on these methods and we like to install in them that communication during the cleaning process is highly important for our relationship with each restaurant kitchen manager. Cleaning crew members are also aware of these practices and also help in the communication process. We like to keep training and education for our teams important so we can efficiently do our restaurant kitchen cleaning jobs. It’s how our business has grown to be the best restaurant kitchen cleaning company in the Vegas area.

We’re certain that you’ll like our custom cleaning packages well have for you. If you’re ready to book your walk-through and our consultation, fill out our form or give us a call for quicker response time. Our number to call is (702) 978-8130.

A trained specialist will meet you at your restaurant location. Thanks for choosing Las Vegas Restaurant Cleaning.

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